Is Hemroid Harry an Oral Pill or a Topical Cream?

Our all-natural herbal formula is in pill form. We use easy-to-swallow veggie caps.
How is the product shipped?
We ship Via USPS within 1-2 business days of purchase in discreet packaging.
Does Hemroid Harry help all Types of Hemorrhoids?
Yes it does. It can be used for internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, thrombosed hemorrhoids, prolapsed hemorrhoids and even bleeding hemorrhoids.

What is a Hemorrhoid?

There are many different types of hemorrhoids. Generally speaking, a hemorrhoid is a swollen vein in or around the anus that is usually caused by excessive pressure. The pressure can come from poor bathroom habits such as sitting on the toilet for too long and/or straining when constipated.

Also, sitting for long periods of time and poor posture when carrying heavy objects can contribute to additional pressure on your veins in your anus area. Hemorrhoids can be caused from extra pressure resulting from pregnancy as well.

What are the Different Types of Hemorrhoids?

There are three types of hemorrhoids. All three types are swollen veins that are caused by excess pressure. The main difference between these three types is location & severity.

Internal Hemorrhoids
Internal hemorrhoids are the most common type of hemorrhoids. They are usually located approximately one inch inside the rectum. Their main symptom is when bright red blood appears after having a bowel movement. Click here for more information on internal hemorrhoids.

External Hemorrhoids
External hemorrhoids, as you may have guessed from the name, appear outside the anal edge. Generally speaking, they are usually very painful because they are more exposed than internal hemorrhoids. Click here for more information on external hemorrhoids.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids
A thrombosed hemorrhoid is more of a classification of the two previous types of hemorrhoids, than a different type altogether. A thrombosed hemorrhoid can be either internal or external. What differentiates a thrombosed hemorrhoid is that in addition to being inflamed, a blood clot has developed as well. Click here for more information on thrombosed hemorrhoids.

What are Hemorrhoid Symptoms?

There are a few symptoms you can look for if you are not sure what you're suffering from. To know if your discomfort is a hemorrhoid, look for the following signs:

  • Excessive anal itching.
  • Tenderness or pain in your anal region during or after bowel movements.
  • Painful swelling or a lump near the anus.
  • Bloody stool or anal bleeding that may appear on the stool, toilet bowl or toilet paper tissue.

Click here for more information about hemorrhoid symptoms

What Happens if I Don't Treat Them?

Hemorrhoids are very painful. If you do not take care of them before they get too bad, surgery may be the only option your doctor will give you. Surgery is very painful and can be expensive. This should be your absolute last resort. Most people opt to take care of their problem before they get to that point. Many people will wait until they cannot bear the pain any longer.

In short, if you do not treat your hemorrhoids, they will become much more painful than you can imagine. Waiting will only make your recovery that much longer and more painful. Luckily, Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy™ has been known to help hemorrhoids of all types and sizes. In fact, our remedy has even helped some hemorrhoids that appeared to need surgery.

How Common are Hemorrhoids?

Surprisingly, hemorrhoids are much more common than most people realize. At least 80% of us will develop a hemorrhoid during our lifetime. Many of us will have multiple hemorrhoids. This is because we do not make efforts to change our habits such as posture, good bathroom routine, and diet.

Also keep in mind that there are other factors such as heredity and pregnancy that can lead to developing hemorrhoids. Because hemorrhoids are so common, there is no reason to be embarrassed of them. The only reason to be embarrassed is if you do not take action to take care of them.


What are Some Tips for Fast Relief?

Everyone is looking for fast relief these days. Unfortunately, the topical ointments used for fast relief are only temporary. The first thing you need to do is to order your potent, long term solution and then look for fast relief in the meantime.

  • There are some over the counter topical ointments such as Preparation H that can provide temporary relief of symptoms.
  • Another suggestion is using Cypress Essential Oil, for temporary relief.
    Enemas are a good resource to get the bowels moving which, in turn, can reduce the pressure on your inflamed veins.
  • Also, a sitz bath is highly recommended at least once a day for soothing cleansing.
  • Many have also opted to go with simple flushable wet wipes that have aloe and vitamin E on them. This reduces the harsh response from regular toilet paper when wiping.

All of these suggestions are provided to help you find that much needed relief until you are able to take Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy™ for , soothing relief.

What Makes Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy™ Better than the Rest?

  • We have used extensive research and testing on our proven formula.
  • It is a safe, natural formula that not only soothes, it also renews.
  • The testimonials speak for themselves.
  • We address all of the issues associated with hemorrhoids - all of them.
  • We explain how it works.

How Long Does it Take to Get Relief?

We have had many very happy customers tell us it has taken as few as several days to feel relief. Each case is different. Each hemorrhoid is at a different level of inflammation and each person has a different response time to the healing power of this wonderful remedy.

It is important that you give this remedy a fair try. After all, your body needs some time to absorb the healing properties in this formula. Once these healing properties are put to work, you will be yet another truly relieved and a happy Hemroid Harry customer.

Do I Need to Take it on a Full Stomach?

We recommend taking this mixture right after meals to ensure your stomach is not upset after taking them. This also helps you to remember to take both doses every day. The more consistent you are in your doses, the better results you will get.

It is not necessary to have a full stomach, only recommended. Many people have taken them on both full and empty stomachs. We have not heard negative reports about either. Some people do have more sensitive stomachs than others, and if that is the case for you, we recommend taking them with some food to avoid any possible disturbance in that area.

Is it Safe to Take While Pregnant?

That is a great question. It is important to take care of your little one, even if he/she is causing this uncomfortable hemorrhoid that you're dealing with. Yes - it is safe to take while pregnant. In fact, my wife took this formula while she was pregnant with our little bundle of joy. Because this remedy is natural and safe, we feel very confident in recommending this formula to expecting mothers.

Please feel free to peruse the ingredient list for complete disclosure of each component in this blend. We have also conducted research about each individual ingredient for your benefit as well. In fact, the herb Butcher's Broom has been lauded as specifically useful during pregnancy. Rest at ease and know that Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy™ is there for you.

In any case, we recommend that you discuss with your doctor or midwife, that you are using Hemroid Harry's herbal formula.

Can I Take it While Breastfeeding?

If anything, it should only help you. Don't get me wrong, this is not intended to enhance your breastfeeding experience. But because this blend is made from natural herbal ingredients, it can only help you with your health in general. Each ingredient has several positive effects upon the body. From aiding in the digestion of nutrition, improving circulation and cleansing the blood, this formula only has positives when it comes to taking it - whether breastfeeding or not.

Are There Side Effects?

Unlike chemically enhanced drugs with their long list of harmful side effects and endless lawsuits, our natural remedy is built up of only healing, safe ingredients. Unless you are taking many different prescription drugs that may dislike some of our ingredients, you should not notice many side effects.

The only report of side effects that I have received up to date would include headaches and decreased energy. These can easily be avoided. You see, when taking herbal ingredients, your body will need more water than usual to be able to absorb them. Headaches can be a result of dehydration and natural detoxification, as well as decreased energy. If you keep yourself properly hydrated, you should not notice any side effects.

Please note that the ingredient Ginger can cause stomach distress if taken in large quantities. Also, ginger is not recommended for people who take anticoagulants or who have gallstones. There is not a large amount of Ginger in this formula, but it should be noted that we do use it and you should be aware of this information.

Can Hemorrhoids Come Back?

Yes. Hemorrhoids are caused by many factors and if one does not change a few poor habits, they will quite possibly suffer with hemorrhoids again. Because our potent blend is able to right the wrongs in your body that contribute to hemorrhoids, you will indeed feel relief and heal your hemorrhoid situation. But if you do not correct the general problems associated with developing hemorrhoids, you will quite possibly develop them again.

Hemorrhoids are not like chicken pocks where they attack once and then you never have them again. Hemorrhoids are a condition in which your veins become weakened. The unnecessary pressure from constipation and sitting on the toilet for long periods of time can indeed damage your veins again after they have been treated.

Also, lack of nutrition will not help your blood circulation or your body's ability to treat itself. So be sure to educate yourself about how hemorrhoids work and always remember that if they should come back, Hemroid Harry's Herbal Remedy™ will be here for your relief.

Will I Have to Take it Again?

As mentioned before, if your hemorrhoids do come back, you will want to take our hemorrhoid formula again. We cannot stress the importance of being consistent with your daily doses. Many feel relief very soon after taking the formula and then stop taking it prematurely. If you are serious about finding relief from your hemorrhoids, be sure to take this formula until your hemorrhoids are completely gone.

How Do I Prevent Hemorrhoids?

There are several tips for what you can do to prevent hemorrhoids from happening again. Hemorrhoids are caused by several factors, most of which you can help to prevent. These factors are explained in detail on our how it works page for your convenience and information. But to quickly answer your question, you will want to look at preventing the following factors of hemorrhoids with the following suggestions:

  • Factor: Constipation
    Suggestion: Add more fiber to your diet to help reduce pressure from straining during bowel movements and long visits on the toilet.
  • Factor: Ability to Cleanse Waste
    Suggestion: If your blood is not circulating properly, it is not able to cleanse itself and expel waste. Moderate exercise and adding a bit more nutrition to your diet will help your body to appropriately cleanse waste as it should.
  • Factor: Poor Posture and Bathroom Habits
    Suggestion: Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. If you can do your business quickly in the bathroom, it will create less tension on your anal veins. Also, try not to wipe too hard or too much after doing your business. This will help with inflammation and irritation.

What Do I Do Now?

The results are in, my friend. You've done your research and you've seen our results. You have a problem and we have an answer. Hit Buy Now below to start the checkout process.